What’s in the boot?: Pass It On Week

News from Orkney Islands Council

Orkney Zero Waste 5Orkney Islands Council’s waste team will be inviting members of the public to talk about what they’ve brought to the tip next week, at a special re-use ‘pop up’ stall in Kirkwall being run in conjunction with Orkney ZeroWaste.

The stall will be set up at the Hatston household waste and recycling centre between 12-14 March, and will be open from 10:00 to 15:00pm.

Folk will be encouraged to set items with re-use or upcycle potential down at the stall – instead of throwing them in the skip.

Items left at the pop up stall will be available for individuals or organisations to take away – and anything left over will be re-distributed to Orkney’s charitable organisations.

Jayne Venables, the Council’s Waste Project Coordination Manager, said:

“We’re supporting Pass It On Week to remind people it’s always better to hand things on where you can, rather than seeing them lose value sitting un-used – where they risk getting damaged by damp, dust, or other problems such as pests – or dumping them because you don’t know what else to do with them.

“There are organisations and individuals who could make use of your unwanted items. It just makes sense to give something a longer life with someone else if you no longer need it, and keep things in the circular economy.”

To find out more about where you can donate household items, visit the ‘Where can I donate’ page on the OIC website.

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Orkney Zero Waste 6


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