Poetry Corner:The Things That Haven’t Been Done Before

LithuaniaOn this day 11th March  1990, a year before the formal dissolution of the Soviet Union, Lithuania became the first Soviet republic to declare itself independent, resulting in the restoration of an independent State of Lithuania. Population:2,810,865

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The Things That Haven’t Been Done Before

By Edward Guest (1881–1959)

The things that haven’t been done before,
Those are the things to try;
Columbus dreamed of an unknown shore
At the rim of the far-flung sky,
And his heart was bold and his faith was strong
As he ventured in dangers new,
And he paid no heed to the jeering throng
Or the fears of the doubting crew.

The many will follow the beaten track
With guideposts on the way,
They live and have lived for ages back
With a chart for every day.
Someone has told them it’s safe to go
On the road he has traveled o’er,
And all that they ever strive to know
Are the things that were known before.

A few strike out, without map or chart,
Where never a man has been,
From the beaten paths they draw apart
To see what no man has seen.
There are deeds they hunger alone to do;
Though battered and bruised and sore,
They blaze the path for the many, who
Do nothing not done before.

The things that haven’t been done before
Are the tasks worth while to-day;
Are you one of the flock that follows, or
Are you one that shall lead the way?
Are you one of the timid souls that quail
At the jeers of a doubting crew,
Or dare you, whether you win or fail,
Strike out for a goal that’s new?


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  1. Risks

    To laugh – is to risk appearing the fool
    To weep – is to risk appearing sentimental
    To reach out for another – is to risk involvement
    To expose your feelings – is to risk exposing your true self
    To place your ideas, your dreams before a crowd – is to risk their loss
    To love is to risk not being loved in return
    To live is to risk dying
    To hope is to risk despair

    But risks must be taken, because the greater hazard in life is to risk nothing
    The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, and is nothing
    They may avoid suffering and sorrow
    But they cannot learn, feel, change, grow, love and live.

    Chained by their attitude, they are a slave,
    They have forfeited their freedom.
    Only a person who risks, is free.


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