15 – 24 ? Take the Survey

survey Alpha Stock imagesDuring the Year of  Young people those between 15 and 24 are being asked to take part in a survey by the Scottish Parliament.

The cross party Education and Skills committee wants “to learn more about why young people follow certain routes, what helps them and what hinders them, and whether they get to where they want to be.”

You can find the survey here.

James Dornan MSP, the Committee Convener, said:

“We often hear about the importance of positive destinations for our young people, but we know for some people it isn’t easy to get there. It is hard to decide what to do when you leave school and to have all the necessary support you need.

“There are so many options, whether you go to a job, into an apprenticeship or head to college or university. Unless young people know these options exist and, more importantly, are supported in getting to the right role for them, young people cannot fulfil their potential.”




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