Orkney Adventure 2018 Carnoustie Scout Group

On our trip home aboard the MV Hrossey on Sunday evening, Ken and I encountered a meleé of Scouts, not a meleé as in an uncontrollable group, but a meleé as in excitable,  loads of them, going in every direction possible. The Carnoustie Scout Group in Angus were heading for Orkney and what a sight to behold they were.





In total there were 101 people involved, 70 youngsters and 31 adults who had chosen Orkney for their annual scout outing this year. The trip has been nine months in the making and shall include 45 activities, which shall take place over the next three days. Many of the youngsters have never been on a boat before, so their excitement was really quite palpable and infectious which it has to be said helped with what can normally be quite a long journey. We even overheard one cub asking another if sailing was the same as flying, oh how I wish as the flight would only have take around 45 minutes.





The youngsters vary in age from 6 to 16, with a range of different activities for each of their age groups. They include swimming and climbing for the younger ones in the group at The Pickaquoy Centre and for the older ones, their activities include, flying, climbing and hiking in Hoy.




Some groups shall also be visiting Westray, Papa Westray and North Ronaldsay. Each day will include tours of both the North and South Mainland allowing everyone to have a varied experience whilst here.




In the evenings there shall be many social events on at the Kirkwall Scout Hall including a buffet meal, stories in Orcadian Culture, a visit from a Viking and music.

On Tuesday evening there is to be a Taste of Orkney Event, which has been brought about with the help of Williamsons the Butcher, Argos Bakery and Jolly’s Fish Merchant, for which Kenny Lee the Scout Master is extremely grateful.

Kenny Lee would also like to take the time to thank the local Scout Group in Orkney, particularly Calum that had helped with the planning. Through his work Kenny also knows many people at NHS Orkney, who have given help with their ideas and suggestions around the various things that the Scouts can do whilst here.

Whilst here the Scout Party are staying in various premises in Kirkwall, the Kirkwall Youth Hostel, Orcades Hostel and Paul Rudden’s B&B.

Missing from the photos above is Owen who we managed to catch up with just before he left the ship.

Carnoustie Scouts Owen


It should also be noted that during a conversation with one on the Northlink staff she mentioned that the group were an absolute credit to both their parents and the leaders that were in charge of such a large group and that it had been a pleasure to have them onboard.

From The Orkney News we wish you all a wonderful visit and in the words of a well loved Scot, “Haste Ye Back”.

Reporter Helen Armet

Photographer Kenneth Armet

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