Fabulous New Trophy For Orkney Rowing Club

By Hannah Fennell

The Orkney Rowing Club has been presented with a new trophy, two new banners, as well as a financial contribution from the Orkney Fisheries Association. The trophy, designed by Gina Ramsey and engraved by Stuart Wylie will be for the Open Mixed Yole competition to be held annually between the ORC and the Shetland Rowing Club, with each club taking it in turns to host.

Orkney Fisheries Association commmision a trophy for Orkney Rowing Club

Photo by Bethan Davies (www.bethansianphotography.co.uk)

The trophy has been designed to celebrate the links between the islands and the sea and uses wood from the old fishing boat Sunbeam (K554) for the base.

K554 Sunbeam at Bay of Ham, Rousay

Photo by Max Fletcher

The Sunbeam was built in Arbroath in 1923 and was owned and used by Rousay resident William Mainland until it was replaced by the Girl Wilma.

The trophy was presented to the club by local fisherman and chair of the Orkney Fisheries Association Martin Foulis, who expressed his pleasure at being able to support the club in encouraging people to get out onto the water and explore the marine environment. Katheryn Sclater, the secretary of the Orkney Rowing Club said, “the design on the trophy is most fitting for a sea faring club and will be treasured by those who win the trophy in future years”.

Since its establishment three years ago the Orkney Rowing Club has already taken part in a number of competitions around the country, including the Lerwick rowing regatta, the Portsoy Traditional Boat Festival, and the Castle to Crane race up the Clyde. The club is active in its involvement with the Orkney community, starting up a junior’s section for younger rowers and raising funds for four charities through a row around Orkney mainland.

Orkney Fisheries Association commmision a trophy for Orkney Rowing Club

Photo by Bethan Davies (www.bethansianphotography.co.uk)

Photos courtesy of Max Fletcher and Bethan Davies 


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