Sooth Isles Craft Fair

Yesterday saw us at the third Sooth Isles Craft Fair which is organised by Julie Shearer and Iulia Fisher. The Fair takes place over two days, Saturday 26th May and Sunday 27th May running from 12pm – 4pm and consists of 22 stalls, The Books Sales Room and The Cafe.

The event is a way for local crafters, artists and small businesses to showcase their wares whilst supporting The Cromarty Hall in St Margarets Hope.

Sooth Isles Craft Fair

Main Hall

The stalls filled the main hall, a room off to the side and the exhibition room upstairs, which boasted a magnificent array of produce from Ponchos to Woodwork, Knitting to Glassware, Jewellery to Booties, oh and don’t forget man’s best friend, as there was even a stall selling organic dog treats, yum yum.

As always I was blown away by the quality of the works and the incredible imaginations of people to be able to visualise a finished product.

Steve Thompson from Wheems Organic had a range of Brassicas plants, these are winter greens which included, kale, curly kale, cabbages and Brussels sprouts.

Sooth Isles Craft fair

Steve Thompson Wheems Organic

Donald Campbell of The Orkney Workshop uses reclaimed wood, whether it be from floorboards or pallets and produces the most magnificent woodwork in a variety of items like pillared candle holders, creepies and occasional tables, works brought to life by his daughter the extremely knowledgeable Abigail.

Sooth Isles Craft fair

The Orkney Workshop: Donald Campbell with Abigail Campbell


Carrie Paxton Design glass works are all bespoke, personally made for you. Their designs include trees, seashells and images from around Orkney including The Standing Stones.

Sooth Isles Craft fair

Carrie Paxton Designs

Upstairs you will find Sheila Chapman who takes unused or leftover tiles and turns them into Decoupage Tiles to be used as individual works of art or even as a handy coaster.

Sooth Isles Craft fair

Decoupage Tiles Sheila Chapman

The Book Sales Room is run on behalf of The Cromarty Halls which is a charity. Committee member Sue Graves said that it started with just one book and although I did not count them I could see that it has escalated into many hundreds. Sue asked if we would thank the people who have given books, expressing gratitude at their generous donations.

Sooth Isles Craft fair

The Book Sales Room

After perusing and hopefully purchasing some of this wonderful produce why not stop by the cafe for a brew and a slice of homemade cake. On hand to serve in the cafe were Eve Hourston-Wells, Gina Penwarden and Elaine Lonstrath and going by the gaps in the cakes it certainly looked like they were doing a roaring trade.

Sooth Isles Craft fair

The Tea Ladies

So why not pop along today to have a wee look and perhaps purchase a bespoke gift for that person who has everything, or even yourself, you could even think ahead, is it really too soon to mention Christmas……….

Here is a list of all the stalls, if I’ve missed anyone out I apologise and please feel free to get in touch.

Wheems Organic  Steve Tulloch                                   Hope Plants   Valerie Cheyne

Ponchos  Iulia Fisher                                                      Humour Lounge Orkney  David Bain

Artworks   Graham Anderton                                       Carrie Paxton Designs  Carrie Paxton

V T Knits  Vivienne Tullock                                            Hestia Jewellery   Emma Thomson

The Orkney Workshop Donald Cambell                     Bellie M Designs Melanie Miller

Knitting Services & Designs Anne Mackie                  Cakes & Sweeties Louise Seatter

Art Photography Textiles      Kim McEwan                 Peedie Handmade Gifts     Fiona Smith

Hesta Crafts     Sarah Laughton                                     Art works and produce Julia Shearer

Maxalicious Dog Treats    April Powell                        Younique      Jenni Wilson

Neals Yard Remedies  Laura Montgomery                Mac Laughton    Hyge Hame Crafts

Vintage Antiques Collectibles  Tanya McGill             Decoupage Tiles Sheila Chapman

Whitehouse Crafts     Mirran Hall                                Book Sales Room    Sue Graves

Cafe Ladies  Eve Hourston-Wells,  Gina Penwarden,  Elaine Longstrath




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