Proposed Bill to Ensure Better Regulation of Dog Breeding

foxy-a-001An MSP in the Scottish Parliament is hoping to bring forward a Bill which will see an end to disreputable puppy breeders.

Christine Grahame MSP is consulting on her Proposed Responsible Breeding and Ownership of Dogs (Scotland) Bill

Once a dog owner herself but no longer able to because of work commitments Christine Grahame’s Bill not only wants to tackled the issue of irresponsible dog breeders but to also encourage members of the public to better care for their pets.

“My proposed Bill seeks to better regulate dog breeding but most importantly for the first time it would also place new obligations on owners as well as breeders, to ensure a more responsible and informed approach to owning a puppy or dog, to reduce the distress to both animals and indeed owners, some of whom may find they have been duped with all the heartache which follows.

“I also hope that, through placing responsibilities on those acquiring a puppy or dog, it can help tackle the horrors and misery of so-called “puppy farms”, and the inappropriateness of online sales.

“Let’s try together to end the misery of some animals, make sure that owner, puppy and dog have a fulfilling life together and reduce this increasingly ruthless trade.”

You can respond to the consultation document here: Proposed Responsible Breeding and Ownership of Dogs (Scotland) Bill

The consultation closes on 30th July. 

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  1. Yes, yes, yes to this.
    I still can’t get my head round the fact that live animals are sold on the Internet. People buy puppies from the Internet – never seen them, never seen their parents or ‘home’ situation. Madness, for all concerned. It’s with the buyers, not to do this – not to take the easy way, put in a bit of effort – that would help a lot. Better still – adopt from a rescue shelter – they have puppies too, if you don’t want a fully grown dog.
    And as to the breeders – it’s their karma, that’s the kindest thing I can think of to say about them.

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