It doesn’t have to be big….to be a garden: Idea No. 11

Reuse and Recycle in the Garden

gardening 11 B Bell

Fish boxes off the beach – back one is mint, front one is a sage plant and a parsley plant, and the side ones are what we call the ’holding bays’ (Star Trek fans will recognize that!) – where we put plants that we find where we don’t want them to be, until we get time to plant them, where we do want them to be.

The sage and parsley grow well here, as they are sheltered by the compost bins, the wall, and the fence of the veg. patch. But….these fish boxes could be used anywhere in the garden, and … removes some plastic from the beaches too!

Oh – and an old tractor seat, for resting your weary bones when you’ve been weeding the veg patch.

By Bernie Bell


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