We Went To The Ness!

By Bernie Bell

….Of Brodgar, that is.  Visiting The Ness, always makes me feel happy.  I’m not sure why – there’s just something about the place.  Maybe that’s why the people, all those years ago, raised the stones and the structures in that bowl in the hills – because there’s something about the place.

There isn’t a lot to be said about the dig at The Ness, which hasn’t already been said, or that won’t probably be said again.  So, I thought I’d just present you with some images/impressions of the site, and a link which will take you to the Daily Dig Diary, and a way of donating to help to keep this Wonderdig going.

The Shop – please, buy things and help to support the work which is being done here.


The Digger’s Rest – doesn’t look like much, as watering-holes go, but the chance of a sit-down, can be very welcome to a weary digger.

Ness of Brodgar - Diggers Rest B Bell

Main site, left hand side.

Ness of Brodgar - LHS July 2018 B Bell

 Main site, right hand side.

Ness of Brodgar - RHS July 2018 B BellLooking across from the side of the site, over Structure 10-

which is a Very Big Deal,to …The Viewing Platform. V. useful, for visitors and archaeologists alike – gives an over-view, without having to take to the air. And, The Finds Hut, where the Good Things go ( including Mr. Card).

Ness of Brodgar - across the site B Bell

It was called Trench T,

and looked like Eric’s home–made guitar,

Erics home made guitar B Bell

then it spread out to include Structure 26.  It’s outside the main site, and has many question marks hanging over it. ????????  What a view!


View from the Viewing Platform, over the site –

usually with Hoy Hills overlooking all, but today, it was misty!

Ness of Brodgar - from the viewing platform July 2018 B Bell

Loch View, which , a few years ago, was generously gifted to the Orkney Heritage Society by an anonymous benefactor.

It’s plonked right on top of the rest of Structure 10, and has two standing stones in its garden. I should imagine, one day, it will have to go, for the true, over-all plan of the Ness site is to be revealed.  And , imagine what might be found, when they do uncover the rest of Structure 10, as, it is a Very Big Deal.  Until then, it’s a very useful place to store things, wash things, and ….it has a toilet!  An almost un-heard-of luxury for a dig site.  And….it has two standing stones in its front garden!

Ness of Brodgar - Loch View House B Bell

The Artists in Residence – residence!

Containing   Elisabeth Holder, Jeanne Bouza-Rose and Karen Wallis – could be called the Artacabin?


Mike, donating….PLEASE DONATE!

Ness of Brodgar - donations B BellThis link will take you to more, much more: Ness of Brodgar

This link  will take you to ……a different kind of more, about that bowl in the hills: Bernie Bell: Orkney Walks (with Stories) – ‘The Procession’

And this is just for fun: Poetry Corner: The Diggers Prayer

There will be a talk on the Ness of Brodgar by resident artist Elisabeth Holder on Tuesday 31st of July, 7.30pm in the St Magnus Centre, Kirkwall

Ness of Brodgar talk

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