Parkour Comes to Orkney’s Schools

Access Parkour a coaching company based in Edinburgh will be visiting schools all around Orkney to deliver teacher training  from 3rd to 7th of September.

The lessons will be teaching  how to safely provide play styled Parkour in classrooms, playgrounds and include Parkour in the school P.E Curriculum.

A spokesperson for Access Parkour said:

“Risk awareness and play is essential in the development of children and also for keeping adults happy and healthy too! As such, inclusive Parkour is a growing trend in sports throughout the UK and beyond and Access Parkour are dedicated to high quality inclusivity and accessibility to movement for all.”

They will be visiting  the primary schools of Papdale, Stromness ,Dounby, Glaitness, Evie/Firth, St Andrew’s, Hope/ Burray and Orphir/Stenness, and Stromness Academy.


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  1. Risk assessment, Health and Safety etc, I really wonder how we managed to survive going to primary school in 1947 surrounded by bombed out buildings which became our playground, much, I must admit to the consternation of our teachers. But apart from a few cuts and bruises the worst that ever happened was getting absolutely filthy which was quickly and easily fixed with a drop of soap and water.

    FGS let our kids grow-up learning for themselves (the best lesson) the dangers of simply LIVING in this dangerous world. You can’t wrap them in cotton wool and keep in a sterile environment forever.

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