Poetry Corner: The Piping of the Haggis

By Richard Wallace

Whilst staying in Stromness  Richard Wallace from Canada attended a Burns Supper.

The Piping Of The Haggis


It was ‘the piping of the haggis’

and all were gathered there.

For a special guest of honor

there sat a vacant chair.


A chair where no one other

could bring such grace and charm

for the love of bonny Scotland

and spin a fancy yarn.


Celebrate this moment

to Robert Burns and life;

a Scottish lad, so very loved,

now bring the haggis knife!


Sing a song for Scotland;

perhaps a peedie prayer,

when ‘piping in the haggis’

leave a vacant chair.

Rabbie Burns

Ed’s note: my father always left a vacant chair at our family Christmas Dinner ‘for the uninvited guest’.


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  1. To The Editor…that is so great that at Christmas time your father left a vacant chair for the uninvited guest…thank you, Richard

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