Heritage Society Objects to SSEN Plans for Orkney

opinionOrkney Heritage Society has objected to two parts of the Orkney Transmission Project planned by SSEN.

The proposals and public consultations can be read here:  SSEN Public Consultation Events: Orkney

Orkney Heritage Society is calling on SSEN to alter substantially the design of its proposed Finstown electricity substation and to bury all the proposed transmission cables.

David Murdoch, Society Vice-Chair, said:

“The Society believes climate change is the biggest threat to Orkney’s heritage. The resulting instability and storm surges will destroy much all of us value. We support properly sited renewables and the necessary infrastructure.

“However after seeing the proposals in the paper last week the Society believes two parts of the current project are unacceptable – the current design of the proposed Finstown electricity substation and the stringing of miles of new taller poles and cables. We have suggested an alternative, shorter underground & underwater route. We look forward to further dialogue with SSEN and Orkney Islands Council.

“We really hope as many people as possible will attend the current SSEN consultation to make up their own minds. SSEN are unlikely to accept suggestions if they believe them to be isolated, but they may listen to the views of Orkney as a whole.

“OHS are asking SSEN to make meaningful attempts to make this scheme acceptable in the Orkney landscape. We also feel they need to offer heritage and other community benefits in recognition of the inevitable downside to Orkney both in the long term and while construction takes place.”

SSEN July 5

SSEN state: “A number of renewable energy developers in the Orkney Islands have requested a connection to the electricity network. The Orkney connection project would provide a new transmission connection between Caithness and the Orkney Islands, and associated onshore infrastructure required to support this connection.” SSEN Orkney 

SSEN public events


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