The Military Two-Step and The Pride of Erin Waltz

By Bernie Bell

“There may be trouble ahead, but while there’s moonlight, and music, and love and romance, let’s face the music and………………..” – From ‘Pennies From Heaven’ with Fred Astaire


A Highland Dance by David Allan

 The Military Two-Step

Couple stand side by side, with the ‘man’ on the ‘lady’s’ left side.  Heel-toe, heel-toe with outside foot.  Dance forward along the line of dance, for 3 steps.  Turn, repeat heel-toe, heel-toe with outside foot again, then, dance forward for three steps again.  Join hands with the couples on either side, kick right foot, kick left foot – not each others!  Dance forward along the line of dance, with ‘lady’ twirling outwards, then, waltz.

The Pride of Erin Waltz

This is one of my favourite dances – there’s something soothing and gentle about it.

Couple stands in the waltz hold, with the ’man’ with his back to the centre of the room.  Rock, gently, on your feet, to right and left.  Take two steps sideways, to your right. Rock, gently, on your feet, to left and right, then take two steps to the left.  Step forward with your inside legs, and point your left foot, turn, then point your right foot. Both turn out for one twirl.

Then do the Pride of Erin manoeuvre – which is easier to do, than it is to describe!

Joining both hands, swing together (slightly to the right of partner) and away, then change places, turning the lady under the man’s left arm while doing so. Repeat.

Then, take two steps to the right, and two steps to the left, then, waltz.

That’s my lot, folks – KEEP DANCIN’!



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