Rang-Tans Story

The Christmas Ads are on the tele. Festive fun, sparkly snowmen and families full of good cheer are keeping us entertained between the all too mundane offerings of programmes.

One t.v Ad won’t be shown on our tvs this year. It’s from the food store  company Iceland. Goodness me , what can be so appalling in their advert that we need protected from it.

Watch it for yourself and make up your own mind.


Statement from Iceland:

“Following a year of leading the retail industry in sustainability initiatives, we decided to do something different with our Christmas advert and continue to raise awareness of rainforest destruction caused by palm oil production, and its devastating impact on the critically endangered orangutan.

“However, it has been ruled our advert will not appear on TV alongside other supermarkets as it was banned by advertising regulations on grounds of political advertising.

Find out more about our ‘No Palm Oil’ Christmas range by visiting Iceland online and searching for products using the 🐵 icon or by looking for the green ‘No Palm Oil’ badge on our products in store.”

Orangutan Christmas

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