Letters: Brexit Draft Deal and Northern Ireland

envelopeDear Orkney News,

It is continually stated that the EU is using Northern Ireland as a means to trap the UK.

This misses the point that the UK, the Republic of Ireland and the EU are all locked together by the Good Friday Agreement. As co-signatories they cannot escape the responsibility to protect it.

If NI did not exist then the EU would not have been so willing to do the deal just revealed by Theresa May in the draft agreement.

Many of the pro Brexit MPs who are currently throwing their teddies out were already at Westminster when the GFA ended the troubles. Maybe they should have stopped and read the small print before they voted it through, but as we have seen with the lack of knowledge displayed by Karen Bradley, Dominic Raab, Ian Duncan Smith, Andrew Bridgen and so many more, not having a f*****g clue is no bar to gaining a seat at Westminster.


Jon Southerington, Orkney

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  1. Yes and we should never, ever forget that one of the founding tenets of the old European Economic Community (EEC) was ‘PEACE’ throughout Europe. The Tories and their DUP partners in crime would do well to remember that. I have two sides of my family who farm along the Border in the Republic and they are telling me of uneasy feelings that are already being talked about on both sides of the Border neither of whom wish to see a return to pre Good Friday Agreement.

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