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This is Road Safety Week and every day 19th – 25th of November The Orkney News will feature some aspect of staying safe on our roads.

Bike Smart Road Safety Week 2018


Figures for the year ending June 2018 for cyclists  on UK roads show that out of a total of 17,520 casualties those who were killed or seriously injured numbered 3,780.

The statistics for Scotland (2017)  are 729 cyclist casualties (8% less than 2016),  5 of which were fatalities (3 less than 2016).

171 of the casualties were seriously injured which is an increase of 16%.

“a serious injury is one which does not cause death less than 30 days after the accident, and which is in one (or more) of the following categories:

a)an injury for which a person is detained in hospital as an in-patient

(b)any of the following injuries (whether or not the person is detained in hospital): fractures, concussion, internal injuries, crushings, severe cuts and lacerations, severe general shock requiring treatment

(c)any injury causing death 30 or more days after the accident” (Transport Scotland)

These are the figures when the Police have been involved and are most likely much higher as many less serious accidents will not be reported.

The number of people choosing to cycle has increased by 35% over the last ten years. It is seen as being a healthier and more environmentally friendly form of transport.  Although some places provide cycle ways many do not. It is, therefore, important for both cyclists and other road users, especially drivers, to be bike aware. The Highway Code applies to all road users but cyclists must also ensure that they can be seen and should wear clothing for that purpose. Wearing a helmet is not compulsory in this country,however it is advised to do so.

Cycling Scotland can provide additional information.

And for car drivers….

Reporter: Fiona Grahame





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  1. As a driver and a cyclist a long time ago I make one plea to all cyclists, don’t put all the blame on drivers as you are equally obliged to follow the ‘Highway Code’. I would also encourage cyclists to take out Insurance.

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