The Silver Moon Storybook (A Review)

The Silver Moon Storybook

The Silver Moon Storybook 2

Photo by Kenny Armet

This book is tantalising, it invigorates and sends your imagination into overdrive and I can’t recommend it highly enough for both children and adults alike. A book of  fairy tales like no other I have read before.

As with all fairy tales your are transported into a different place, but with one humongous exception, there is no favouring of the knight in shining armour over the damsel in distress; this book shows a unique understanding of the vulnerabilities and strengths, regardless of how you identify; making it a book of equality which gives it a wonderful advantage over many you will find.

There is a unique intermingling of some of the tales, “The Little Witch” and “The Enormous Clown” being the two to which I am referring in this instance, giving both tales a different perspective from each of the main characters viewpoint, showing how the simplest of actions can be misinterpreted, which I would love to think will offer the reader a chance to always look at things from another’s point of view.

There was also a section within “The Enormous Clown” which struck a chord, not because I have “ginger” hair, but being a Celt I am well aware of many who have, and of those who I have come across throughout my life, that have spoken openly of the relentless bullying they received, both in childhood and even in some cases into their adult lives. My heart soared when I read these lines: “Every day he was teased jealously for his beautiful fuzzy red hair, which made him look so much brighter than the other drab boys.” What a wonderful portrayal of an alternative outlook for anyone with a child that is currently enduring something similar.

The Silver Moon Storybook is Elaine Gunn’s first published work and it’s beautifully written with illustrations by Megan MacPhie, which superbly brings these glorious stories to life. Currently the illustrations are in black and white, but Elaine would encourage you to use your own imagination and colouring pencils to bring these remarkable drawings to life. If, as many are reluctant to do and lf you would rather not, there shall soon be an option to download the illustrations in printable form, so keep your eyes peeled for updates through    this to me is a terrific idea; and I can well imagine children’s bedroom walls being adorned the length and breadth of……………….well, the lands brought to life in these stories.

Thank you Elaine for a book not only full of wonder, but for a book with the ability of making you think to match. This is a book I would fully encourage for all, but especially as a bedtime read for children, either on their own, or by an adult, which will successfully draw the narrator in as well.

Elaine Gunn

Author of The Silver Moon Storybook

Elaine Gunn neé Duff  is a self published author of this her first book; she spent her early years in Caithness, growing up in Thurso with her parents and brother, leaving home at 17yrs for University. She now resides in Ratho with her husband Angus and three boys. As well as writing Elaine is a reiki practitioner, and is one of only a few of Dr Hauscka estheticians in Scotland.

She stated that she has “plenty more stories up my sleeve.” As a reader of this one I say;  “bring them on.”

You can purchase The Silver Moon Storybook at

You can find and follow Elaine on Twitter: @Elaine_Gunn, and on Facebook @somethinglovelydotscot

Review written by Helen Armet


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