“The safe amount of alcohol you can drink and drive within the limit is – None”

Local MSP David Stewart, Labour shares his views on Road Safety.

David Stewart MSPDon’t spoil Christmas for yourself or anyone else by drinking and driving or by drug driving.

The consequences are stark: If you get caught you will get a minimum 12-month driving ban, a criminal record for a lengthy period or a substantial fine, and that’s before you start considering the significant social and employment consequences of your actions. Above all you are risking your own life and the lives of innocent road users and pedestrians.

Let’s face it :

When you are standing at the scene of a road traffic collision you caused and in which someone is seriously injured or killed – It is too late!

When you are sitting in the rear of a Police vehicle – It is too late!

When you are sitting in a Police cell – It is too late

When you appear in Court – It is too late

And when you have lost your job – It is too late

Why risk it for the sake of a drink or drug?

I often get asked now what is the safe amount of alcohol you can drink and drive within the limit. The answer is one word ‘None’

In Scotland the legal drink drive limit is lower than any other part of the UK. Whilst driving in Scotland the drink drive limit for alcohol has been reduced from 80mg to 50mg in every 100ml of blood.

Drink and drug driving are not socially acceptable in today’s society. Clearly there are a hard core of drink and drug drivers that need to be educated as no form of campaigns or media coverage have addressed this issue. I have recently muted the proposal to make all convicted drink or drug drivers attend a mandatory Drink/Drive Rehabilitation Scheme (DDRS) which would enhance the work already being done in this field.

The course combines presentations, group exercises, group discussions and videos used in conjunction with a course workbook with various exercises to complete and is all geared to educate the convicted driver as to the error of their ways.

Let’s face it, if the convicted driver is not referred to such a scheme, where are they to be educated as to the danger they pose to other road users and what is to stop them continuing to drink/drug drive once their ban has been completed.

The DDRS is an informal educational training workshop that provides participants with knowledge to reduce the likelihood they will be re-convicted of drink/drug driving again.

The incentive for the drink/drug driver is that if they complete the course they can not only get up to 25% off their driving ban, but also become more responsible and safer drivers in the process. Let’s face it we have to try something.


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