Keeping People at Risk of Domestic Abuse Safe

silhouette-woman-profileA consultation has been launched about new measures to tackle coercive control which is now covered by the Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Act 2018. 

Coercive and psychological control includes behaviour which makes a person in a relationship:

  • dependent or subordinate to another
  • isolates them for family, friends or other support
  • controls or monitors their day-today activities
  • deprives or restricts them of their freedom
  • frightens, degrades and humiliates them

 Humza Yousaf, the  Justice Secretary in the Scottish Government said:

Humza Yousaf 2018“Domestic abuse can shatter lives and rob victims of their confidence, self-esteem and even their home. The new measures which come into force in April can make a real and important difference to people who experience these crimes and will make it absolutely clear that this behaviour is wrong and can be prosecuted.

“We know that domestic abuse is a significant cause of homelessness and that is why we are consulting on the creation of new protective orders to safeguard those at risk. We are particularly interested in hearing people’s views on how these orders can best be implemented.”

The Consultation is open till 29th of March 2019

“The consultation seeks views on proposals to create new protective orders that could be used to keep people at risk of domestic abuse safe by banning perpetrators from their homes and on also seeks views on whether changes are needed to the current system of exclusion orders which allow a victim of domestic abuse to apply to suspend the right of their partner to live in the family home.”

You can access the consultation here: Consultation on Protective Orders for People at Risk of Domestic Abuse


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