2018 Scottish Parliament Legislation: A Brexit Free Article

Scottish Parliament FGIn a year which was dominated by Brexit we look back at which Bills from the Scottish Parliament have now passed into legislation in 2018.

Bills passed in the Scottish Parliament have to go to the UK Parliament before they can be enacted. This means that some of these items were debated in the Scottish Parliament in 2017 but were not enacted till 2018.


It became an offence to use wild animals in travelling circuses in Scotland.


Scottish public authorities have to aim for 50/50 representation of men and women. The ‘gender representation objective’ applies to certain public bodies, colleges, and Higher Education Institutions. It also applies to Scottish Ministers as they appoint non-executive board members through the Public Appointments process.

Domestic Abuse

The laws on domestic abuse cover not just physical abuse but also that of coercive control and psychological abuse.

The Budget

The Scottish Budget for 2018 was agreed. Ferry Fares & Funding for Schools: the Scottish Budget

One Act Was Repealed

The Offensive Behaviour at Football Matches Act was repealed. It had been in place since 2012 and ceased to be on 12th April 2018.


Scottish Ministers now have responsibility for all plant health and a duty to promote sustainable forest management and publish a forestry strategy.

Social Security

Scotland took control of some welfare benefits and set up its own Social Security System. At its heart is that social security is a human right. Scotland’s Social Security System Takes Shape

social security Scotland

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Access to Justice

Structures were put in place to increase access to justice in Scotland.

The Islands Plan

Provisions were put in place for an Islands Plan. Legislation and other policies which  covered by the Islands’ Authorities are to be subjected to Islands proofing to ensure the communities are not adversely affected. OIC News: Islands Bill Becomes Law

Pardon and Apology

Men who were convicted in the past for same-sex sexual offences which are now legal were pardoned and can also apply for those past ‘convictions’ to never appear on a disclosure check.

There were many other important debates in the Scottish Parliament including the Continuity Bill which would have protected the powers already devolved to Scotland. Only the Bills which have been enacted in 2018 are covered in this article.

Scottish Parliament

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Reporter: Fiona Grahame

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