£125million to be Spent in Scotland Mitigating UK Government Welfare ‘Reforms’

Successive UK Government policies since 2010 have plunged 15 million people in the UK into poverty – that’s 1 in 5 of us – with women, children and the disabled the most vulnerable. The shocking report by Prof Alston of the UN confirmed the fears of many

“Poverty is a Political Choice”the Alston United Nations Report on Poverty in the UK

The Scottish Government in the last month has spent £34million on topping up the incomes of the most vulnerable through the Carers Allowance Supplement and the Best Start Grant.

Ignorance and Want

Over the coming year £125million will be used by the new  Social Security Scotland to mitigate the worst of the welfare ‘reforms’ first introduced by the Liberal Democrat/Conservative coalition Government and continued by successive Tory Governments since then. Universal Credit has now been rolled out across Scotland and Foodbanks have seen a huge rise in usage particularly from those in work.

Shirley-Anne Somerville, Social Security Secretary in the Scottish Government said:

Shirley-Anne Somerville“These figures starkly illustrate the significant challenge we face in providing support to those who need it while not having all the powers that would allow us to make a greater difference.

“As we enter the new year and Social Security Scotland delivers more benefits and helps more people, we will see even more clearly the difference between the UK Government approach to social security and a distinctive Scottish service based upon the principles of fairness, dignity and respect.”

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