The Saltire Tidal Energy Challenge

Tidal Energy development in Scotland is to get a boost of £10million with the launch of the Saltire Tidal Energy Challenge.

Wave Energy Scotland is also to receive £30million and an additional £10million from the Scottish Government.

What is Tidal Energy?

Paul Wheelhouse, Energy Minister in the Scottish Government , said:

Paul Wheelhouse“Scotland continues to lead the world in developing and supporting marine energy technology, with the European Marine Energy Centre on Orkney recognised as a global centre of excellence. We believe that tidal energy can not only play an important role in our own future energy system, but it has substantial export potential.

“The industry has taken momentous steps forward in recent years, and we are proud to have supported that, but the path to commercialisation is taking longer, and proving more difficult, than initially expected. The investment climate has been harmed by the UK Government’s decision in 2016 to remove a ring-fenced subsidy for marine energy and by the parallel uncertainties caused by the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

“The Saltire Tidal Energy Challenge Fund therefore provides a timely and appropriate approach for the Scottish Government to support the current needs of the sector and to help ensure Scotland’s huge marine energy potential is realised, while my officials and I work with the sector on wider support for innovation and deployment of this exciting technology.”

Orkney and Scotland have led the way in the development of wave and tidal power but many other nations are now researching and developing marine renewables.


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