Poems for Valentines


For Erica

By Richard Wallace


I remember walking in the park

And I was so unsure

We were holding hands and we talked a bit

We had never done that before

I remember feeling awkward

I was afraid you would pull away

I didn’t know you liked me too

Not in a special way


Days turned into months and years

The way they always do

We talked about our future

And things that we would do

We cared for one another

Our love would have its way

Our guiding star that never dimmed

Grew brighter every day


Time would lead us as it does

We grew older every day

A job, a car, a house, our home

A family on the way

The kids will grow and we will too

We’ll watch them make their plans

You will always be my Valentine

And we will still hold hands



Love Tree

By Mike Bell 

Love Tree poem

The Love Tree


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