Poetry Corner: The Fulmar

By Richard Wallace

A Woman’s Observation


 The Fulmar

 The fulmar

is a sorry excuse for a sea gull.

When threatened

it spits a foul combination of

saliva and vomit.

It contaminates every thing

it touches.


The fulmar loves

to soar.

It can leave its perch

on the highest  rock face

and lean into a hurricane wind

where it can soar beautifully

or remain absolutely motionless.


When it soars,

I wonder if it knows

that it is soaring

or when it is motionless,

I wonder if it knows,


does it know anything at all?


I wonder

if it has any sense of awareness

or if its brain is only big enough

to tell it

when to eat and when to go to the bathroom?

I had a boy friend like that,



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