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dramaA Scottish Parliament committee is seeking views on how the Arts are funded in Scotland. The Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Affairs Committee  is following up concerns about how the Arts are funded after criticism last year about how Creative Scotland makes awards.

Creative Scotland has an annual budget of £90million. Last year, after hearing evidence,  the same Holyrood Committee said that there were key failings in Creative Scotland.

“The Committee considers Creative Scotland’s handling of the regular funding decision-making process in relation to touring theatre and dance companies fell well below the standard that is expected from a non-departmental public body. “

“The cultural sector is concerned that too much regular funding is being directed away from artists towards network organisations. “

People now have an opportunity to respond to the public consultation on the future for the Arts.

Key questions are:

  1. what would a sustainable model of arts funding in Scotland look like ?
  2.  how should that funding be made available to individual artists ?

Joan McAlpine MSP,  Convener of the Committee, said:

“The Committee took evidence on this issue last year when it looked at the process Creative Scotland undertook for its regular funding and whilst we found specific issues with that process, some of the evidence also raised wider concerns. This included the difficulties in accessing public funding and also how the process for regular funding is set up.

“That’s why we now want to hear from as many people in the sector to really get a view of what more can be done to support artists and the wider sector in Scotland for the long term, including what we can learn from other countries.”

The committee wishes to hear views on:

  • What are the major threats to sustainable funding of the arts in Scotland?
  • What are the main challenges for artists and cultural freelancers in obtaining funding in Scotland?
  • What measures could the Scottish Government take to ensure a sustainable level of funding for the arts?
  • How could Scotland be innovative in attracting greater funding for the arts?
  • How should public money be made available to support artists and cultural freelancers in Scotland?
  • What factors should be considered and how should decisions be made about which artists or cultural freelancers should obtain public funding in Scotland?

Click on the link if you wish to submit evidence: Arts Funding Inquiry

The closing date is 8.00pm on Friday 12 April 2019.

Video of evidence session from Creative Scotland on 1st November 2018 to The Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Affairs Committee begins at 1:17:17

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