“Do you think there should be more wheelchair accessible taxis in Orkney?”

Orkney Islands Council is asking for views on whether there should be  more wheelchair-accessible taxis and private hire cars operating in Orkney.

Gavin Mitchell, the Council’s Head of Legal Services, said:

“We are aware that transport services for people with disabilities already operate in Orkney. However, at present, there are no wheelchair accessible taxis and only one licensed wheelchair accessible private hire vehicle available locally.

“Through this consultation we are asking for feedback on whether there might be interest if a greater number of wheel-chair accessible taxis and private hire cars were made available.”

Views can be sent by email to:  licensing@orkney.gov.uk

or by post to:

The Head of Legal Services, Council Offices, Kirkwall, Orkney KW15 1NY.

People taking part in the consultation are asked to provide their names and addresses.

The consultation closes on Friday May 24 and the results will be considered by the Council’s Licensing Committee at a later date.

For further information, phone 01856 873535 extension 2232 or 2229.

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  1. I was going to comment, then realised that it would be more to the point, to send my input direct to the consultation, via the email given in this article, so I did.
    This is what I sent…..

    “This may seem a bit obvious, but……
    It’s often the case that people in wheelchairs, can’t get out and about, because they are in a wheelchair. Public methods of transport don’t always fit with the timing they need, to get to and from somewhere. So – wheelchair accessible taxis, would definitely be a good thing.
    Thank goodness, I don’t need a wheelchair, but many folk do, so I’m thinking about them.”

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