Visit Stronsay Website Looking for Bloggers

The Visit Stronsay Group would like to invite Stronsay residents of all ages to join in telling stories about the island by sending in  something they have  written & photographed for  the  island blog. Discover Stronsay: Orkney’s Island of Bays

Wondering what to blog about? 

  • stories about moving to the island
  • working here
  • school trips
  • clubs
  • nature watching
  • sporting events
  • hobbies
  • secret gardens
  • special events
  • anything that you like or enjoy about life on the island.

If you’ve not yet had a look, check out The Whiteman Family Story 

“It’s a great blog but looks a bit lonely on its own, so we could really do with some different stuff to make that page really interesting. That’s where you come in. There must be lots of stories to share, so will you have a think about it and better still, will you do it?”

If you’ve got an idea but not sure about it or got something you’d like to send

email Simone at

or phone for a chat about it tel: 616 281.

Visit Stronsay Group (Simone Kirk, Dianne Riley, Shirley Whiteman, Ian Cooper, Bruce Fletcher)

Keep up to date with what is happening on Stronsay with Stronsay Limpet April/May 2019

Whitehall Stronsay


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