Poetry Corner: My Window To The World

By Richard Wallace

My window to the world is small

But it is mine


My house is small

My village is small

I do not have neighbors

What I have is mine


I am a woman

I do not need a man

I have acquaintances

I do not need friends

I am self sufficient

I do not need assistance

I am confident

I do not feel peer pressure


My home is sparse

I do not need more

My life is full

I could not ask for more


I listen

I observe

I am aware


My window to the world is small

But it is mine


A New book of poems by Richard Wallace ‘Think About It’ has been published by Shuswap Press.

Think About It poems

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  1. I have a copy of Richard’s book – which is – full of LIFE – all of life – being human. Have a look – be prepared to be shaken up, more than a bit.
    When I read this poem, in the book, my response was…..

    ‘My Window On The World’ – reminds me of ‘I am a rock’, by Paul Simon – and my reaction to someone saying that, would be – “Oh, yeh? You don’t need anyone? Oh yeh? We all need each other, we are a herd animal.”

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