Picturing Hoy – Help to Make the Choice

The Hoy Heritage group is asking people to select their ten choices of Hoy photographs for their upcoming exhibition ‘Picturing Hoy’.

Helped   by  the Orkney Islands Council Culture Fund the new exhibition, Picturing Hoy will have a  selection of ten images. Members of the public are being asked to help choose which ones.

Which 10 would you like to see ?

The selection has been put together to augment what we already have at Hoy Heritage Centre rather than duplicate anything, and we have looked for images that put people in the picture. We will be accompanying each image with text and audio where suitable. Hoy Heritage

You can send in your number choices in the comments box  on this page : Picturing Hoy – Your Choice or by contacting  Hoy Heritage  here.

The images are copyright to: Hoy Heritage Archive, Orkney Library & Archive, Gunnie Moberg Archive, SCRAN

So here is one of our own by Martin Laird

old man of hoy silhouette martin laird

Old Man of Hoy silhouette photo: Martin Laird

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