Scotland’s Success of CashBack for Communities

Communities in Orkney have received £487,273 supporting 21,071 activities over the period 2008 – 2018 through CashBack for Communities.

The Scottish Government CashBack for Communities takes funds recovered through the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and invests them into community programmes, facilities and activities largely, but not exclusively, for young people at risk of turning to crime and anti-social behaviour as a way of life.

The next phase of funding is open now for applications. £110million, having been seized from criminals,  will have been invested in Scotland since 2008.

 Ash Denham, Minister for Community Safety in the Scottish Government  said:

Ash Denham“The next stage of CashBack will have particular focus on projects that support young people and communities most affected by crime. I’m pleased to say that we have increased funding for this latest phase by £1 million – taking the total amount available over three years to £18 million.

“The numbers of children referred to the Children’s Reporter on offence grounds or prosecuted in the courts have fallen substantially over the last decade and our Cashback programme supports that progress by giving many of Scotland’s most disadvantaged young people a wide range of positive opportunities to challenge themselves and inspire those around them.”

For information on funding visit: Funding Opportunities 


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