NHS Hospitals to Ban the Sale of High Energy Drinks to Under 16s

High energy drinks are to be banned from sale for under 16s in NHS Scotland  Hospitals .

Recent research by the World Health Organisation on high energy drinks stated:

“As energy drink sales are rarely regulated by age, unlike alcohol and tobacco, and there is a proven potential negative effect on children, there is the potential for a significant public health problem in the future”. 

Joe FitzPatrick , Public Health Minister in the Scottish Government said:

Jo Fitzpatrick“The Healthcare Retail Standard supports healthier eating across the NHS estate and it is right that our hospitals show a lead in providing food and drink which is health promoting.”

Healthy eating is encouraged at all ages and any ready made baby food will have to contain no added sugar or salt and be unsweetened.

The World Health Organisation recommends restricting caffeine intakes during pregnancy – this includes  tea, coffee, soft drinks, chocolate, kola nuts, energy drinks and some over-the-counter medications.

The Healthcare Retail Standard (HRS) is a mandatory requirement for all stores and trolley services in NHS healthcare settings in Scotland. 


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