MSPs Committee Rejects 20mph in built up areas

Friends of the Earth Scotland are disappointed that the Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee of the Scottish Parliament will not be supporting a Bill  reducing the 30mph speed limit in built up areas to 20mph.

Friends of the Earth Scotland’s Air Pollution Campaigner, Gavin Thomson said,

“The REC Committee has made a really disappointing decision, which prevents our streets being made safer. This Bill would save lives. It would reduce air pollution, by making traffic flow more smoothly.

“The sensible proposals in this Bill would increase walking and cycling rates, as people would not be put off by speeding vehicles.

“It is horrifying that a Bill that would deliver all these benefits – and prevent deaths – is not being supported by all the members of the Committee.  We need the Parliament’s MSPs to reject this report’s verdict and back this Bill when it comes before Parliament next month.

“Children growing up in our towns and cities should be able to feel safe to walk, cycle, and play in their neighbourhoods.  Making drivers slow to 20mph can help to achieve friendlier, safer, and cleaner streets that will benefit other people using the road.

“Surveys have shown the Scottish public supports 20mph speed limits and these MSPs are clearly out of step with the public mood.”

The Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee discussed the issue of 20mph in Private.

RECC meeting

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  1. I would suggest that simply ‘blocking-off’ the so-called ‘rabbit-runs’ would result in fewer accidents and enforcing the Law on adult cyclists would also help. I will also repeat again trying to maintain 20MPH means using a lower gear resulting in higher engine revs = higher pollution.

    Forget all the 20MPH’s let’s just go back to the wee man with the big red flag walking in front of every vehicle, the effect of this = zero unemployment – OK so I’m being flippant before someone picks me up.

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