What’s Next For Stromness – the ideas so far

Reminder that Thursday 13th of June is the next public event for ‘What’s Next Stromness’ at the Warehouse Buildings, Stromness, from 1pm – 6pm and 7.30pm – 9pm. 

Stromness plan 7

Here’s what people have been saying so far:

South End

  1. Watersports hub at old slipway for sailing, kayaking, rowing, open water swimming: phased project including slipway upgrade, outdoor storage, shared building with changing etc
  2. Campsite extension in old boatyard
  3. Open-up the barracks during summer time as a recreation area
  4. Electric transport from Co-op to Golf course

Town Centre

  1. Upgrade poor quality housing, focussing on low-cost accommodation for students and housing
  2. Renovate historic piers and re-use empty shops/buildings
  3. New car park for staff/residents on campus builder’s compound
  4. Major modernisation of Town Hall including inside toilets, storage facilities, changing rooms etc
  5. Stromness Museum investment and promotion
  6. Redevelop old Post Office as arts hub
  7. Renewables/tech/arts greenspace and visitor centre on old Primary School playpark
  8. Co-ordinated management, booking and extended winter opening hours for Community Centre, pool/gym, Academy sports facilities
  9. Drama Club: create permanent rehearsal/storage space with view to developing small theatre
  10. Encourage year-round visitor accommodation / eating places
  11. Landmark at lighthouse pier, visible from the sea, also at night time

Grieveship and Faravel

  1. Faravel amenity space and former play area: accessibility & landscape improvements
  2. Marwick play area and playing field: upgrade as natural play area, integrate with Community Garden and Brinkies Brae paths
  3. Renewable technology solutions to difficult access up/down hill (e.g. rechargeable electric buggy scheme, gravity walkway)
  4. Explore potential of old St Peters Care Home for conversion/redevelopment for low cost housing for students or local residents
  5. To bring more colours into the area and soften buildings with the help of an artist

Shoreline and Coast

  1. Variety of path loops east from Copland’s dock to sewage works (plugging the missing link), ultimately a shoreline cycle route all the way to Brig o’Waithe
  2. Renewables/heritage/arts trail along coast west and east
  3. Upgrade visitor signage & interpretation from Travel Centre & Ferry Rd to visitor facilities/attractions
  4. New cantilevered walkway parallel to Ferry Rd from town centre to Primary School, architect designed with input from local arts sector (safe route to school and part of longer ’round the voe’ walking/cycling route)
  5. Improved lighting on shore path to Copland’s dock

Hamnavoe and Coplands Dock

  1. Historic boat centre at Copland’s dock, including good connection/signage to other part of the town
  2. Improve Hamnavoe and Coplands Drive playparks
  3. Self-build plots between shoreline and access road, design code
  4. In front of the new care home: new play park & mini antic theatre
  5. Improve signage within Hamnavoe
  6. Suitable syncro lift & boat maintenance area for dive boats, Flotta boats & OIC marine services boats
  7. Future industrial land linked to Copland’s dock (mention fishing industry, marine industry, district heating plant)

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