Variations On A Theme

By Bernie Bell

I was reading an article in The Orkney Archaeology Review ( available from the OAS  and some Orkney shops). The article is entitled, ‘The Wrecks of Scapa Flow: Salvage and Collecting at Stromness Museum’ – and I noticed the similarity between a decoration from the steam pinnace of  HMS Royal Oak….

With thanks to Prof Chris Rowland of 3DVisLab – Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design – for the images

….and the finial over the archway at Woodwick House.

Woodwick House fish M Bell

By McB

I realise that this is a common naval motif, but, remembering that during the Second World War,  Woodwick  was used by both Royal and Merchant Navy personnel as a ‘respite’ stop-off after being on Northern patrols, I liked the link, between the two sets of ‘fishes’.

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