A Tale of Bannockburn

By Bernie Bell

Reading Poetry Corner in TON  https://theorkneynews.scot/2019/06/23/poetry-corner-back-oer-the-border/ ,  I remembered this – our own connection with Bannockburn.

My husband, Mike, is a Bell, descended from  the Burley Laird, aka  ‘Old Bell’, who fought on the side of Robert the Bruce.

What follows is a typescript of an extract from a letter by an ancestor of Mike’s,  Lt. Colonel George Bell, writing to his sweetheart, Hattie, when he was posted in Nova Scotia (Scotland/Nova Scotia connection), telling of his ancestor, the Burley Laird, George Bell

We’re pretty sure we have a picture of Blacket Hall, somewhere, but can’t find it!

As for the lands at Annandale – nothing to do with the Bell family anymore – in fact, I think there’s a big motorway service station on part of it!

Burley Laird 1Bell

The Burley Laird extract 1Burley Laird 2 Bell

The Burley Laird Extract 2

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