Finstown’s Community Seat

With Orkney’s glorious garden festival now almost over for a year the residents of Finstown have a permanent reminder of its success.

dry Stane Walling 1

The Finstown Community seat was constructed from Sunday to Tuesday  by a team of master masons from Derbyshire. . The magnificent crew who built it are  the Derbyshire Dry Stone Walling Association which is a registered charity . They originally estimated three days for the build , they finished it in a bit over 2 1/2 .

Members of the public took the opportunity to watch skilled masons at work. They seem to favour the French pattern of masonry hammer it looks a bit heavier than the normal British pattern .The coping stones on the top were being set into cement mortar as it is a reasonable prediction that small children will climb over them.

I was  impressed with the thoroughness of their cleaning up the site.

We have put some photos together to give an idea of the process. It really is an wonderful piece of work.


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Reporters: Fiona Grahame and Nick Morrison

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  1. Just the place to sit and eat your chips from the Peedie Chippie!
    Archaeology of the future?

  2. I was fortunate enough to be one of the Mason’s from the Derbyshire DSWA to build this fabulous seat. My lovely lady and I are back in Finstown for the week and it was lovely to come back to the village and have a sit once again on your community seat.

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