Deerness Vintage Rally 2019

Sunday 14th July brought people from all over Orkney and beyond to Deerness for this years 2019 Vintage Rally which was held at the Deerness Community Centre; and although it was a wee bitty dreich it did not stop folks from having a great afternoon.

Whether you are interested in cars, tractors, motorbikes or early day machinery there was something there for all.

My own particular fascination was for the Lister belted feed Grinder which whilst it was up and running drew a large crowd. As well as the photo below, it is also what you can hear running constantly in the background of the video.

Deerness Vintage Rally 2019 (19)

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As this is an annual event, why not watch out it for it next year; and if machines are not your thing then there’s always the wonderful tea, coffee and cakes which are on offer within the Community Hall itself.

A fantastic afternoon out for everybody, showing once again the great community spirit which is at the very heart of Orkney.

Reporter Helen Armet

Cameraman Kenny Armet

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  1. This is great, especially for folk who couldn’t be there. I’ve sent it to all the vintage /classic car/bike enthusiasts I know, most of whom are in Ireland.
    Thanks, Team Armet!

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