St Magnus Way: Finstown to Orphir

On Saturday 27th July at 10.00am at the Finstown Car Park there will be a short commissioning of the interpretation board designed by Iain Ashman and the marker stone made by Frances Pelly marking the start of the Finstown to Orphir section of the St Magnus Way.

St Magnus Way marker

The commissioning will be done by the Rev Susan Kirkbride and Jocky Wood. This will be followed by a free guided walk from the Finstown Car Park to the Orphir Church. The theme for this walk is Forgiveness. Anyone wishing to join us for the ceremony and or the walk are very welcome.

Walkers wishing to leave their car at the end of the walk should have their car at the Orphir Church by 9.30 am and arrangements will be made to get them to the start of the walk.

Walkers will need stout footwear, suitable clothing, a packed lunch, and adequate drinks. The walk is 10.5 miles long and will take between 5-7 hours. More details on this section of the St Magnus Way are in the Route section of

Tea and coffee will be provided at the Orphir Church at the end of the walk.

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St Magnus Way Birsay


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