‘Shining Lives: Fortunes of Fate’

In 1791, a ship called The Fortune was sailing from  Skye to America. On board the ship were Highlanders who were on their were to America.

It was driven back to Greenock by a terrible storm, which damaged the mast, and the passengers were put back ashore.

New Lanark by David Robinson

Many of these people came to the mill at  New Lanark, a village on the River Clyde, 25 miles from Glasgow. It was difficult to find workers for the mill when it first opened, because it was in the countryside and mill working didn’t appeal to many people who had worked on the land.

Soon after, David Dale advertised for more workers from the Highlands and Islands. He wanted to let people know that they had no need to emigrate, because families could get jobs and homes in New Lanark. He promised to build more houses and these were finished in 1793. As a result, many Highlanders came to live in New Lanark. It is thought that Caithness Row, one of the first housing blocks in the village, was named after the first Highland residents who settled in the village.

New Lanark today is a World Heritage site and the story of the Highlanders who came to work there is to be retold in a spectacular immersive sound and large-scale light installation illumination projecting images onto New Lanark’s building facades.

New Lanark

‘Shining Lives: Fortunes of Fate’ will tell the story of The Fortune Ship Highlanders, beginning with their ill-fated voyage from Skye to North Carolina and travelling with them to a new life at New Lanark Cotton Mills.

‘Fortune & Fate’ at the Shining Lives exhibition brings to life characters who chose this path. The mill buildings act as the display surface for the historic images & video footage on a grand scale. Augmented by a soundtrack, lighting and living history the exhibition will echo the lives of the these individuals and how they started their new life at New Lanark Cotton Mills.

The artwork will depict a number of characters retelling this story, reflecting how they lived and worked at New Lanark over its existence as working cotton mill. The exhibition will exhibit the development of the regions industries, music and other social activities engaged in and how all of this impacted upon lives of these people.

Border Biscuits community fund are sponsoring the event.

Shining Lives: Fortunes of Fate

Dates: 11th – 13th October & 17th – 20th October 2019  (13th and 20th October 5pm exclusive)

Timed entry from 6:30pm, every 15 minutes. Last entry 9.15pm.

Prices: Adults £15 Children £10

Early bird : Adults £12 Children under 12 £6 Children Under 2 FREE (until the 15 August 2019)

Tickets can be booked online or directly at New Lanark.

New Lanark

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