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Armed Forces Charity Walker Reaches Orkney

Christian Lewis and his companion Jet are walking the coast and islands of the UK for SSAFA – the armed forces charity

Christian and Jet have arrived in Orkney and will be walking the whole coastline. If you can  please stop and say hello to them both, follow his journey. He has been walking since August 2017: climbed mountains and endured storms in his bid to raise £100k for the Armed Forces Charity SSAFA. He is not far off £70k at the moment and is still going strong.

Christian Lewis

Christian and Jet rely on the good will of the good people in the villages and towns they go through for clothes washing, shower, food, accommodation, somewhere to pitch up etc when needed. Even a chat, toot of a horn, a donation.

Every bit helps.

They will be walking around and sharing with the thousands of followers that they have amazing photos and videos of  Orkney. 

You can follow Christian and Jet on their Facebook page:  Chris Walks the UK

Donations can be made to: JustGiving Chris Walks the UK

SSAFA is the oldest charity for all armed forces in the UK.

We exist to relieve need, suffering and distress amongst the Armed Forces, veterans and their families in order to support their independence and dignity.

Christian Lewis

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