Poetry Corner

Having been the recipient of the wonderful care that Eyes Hospitals do; I thought I’d choose a poem about eyes today to mark the opening of the first Eye hospital in the US, which opened today in New York in 1820. In the UK the first dispensary for curing diseases of the eyes and ears opened on 25th March 1805 in West Smithfield. when it moved in 1822 to a purpose build facility it became the London Ophthalmic Infirmary.


Your Beautiful Eyes

I remember
vividly those serene eyes,
shining bright,
emotion in them
Sparks my blood to rise

Thy teary eyes divine,
Speak with love and tenderness,
Eyes, a million stars in them
The picture of innocence.

Eyes seeking me –
like that first dew
on the new viridescent blade of grass.

Your eyes my matinal star
Your eyes my middays sunshines,
your eyes my vespers twilight,
your eyes an oceanic depth,
your eyes my autumnal hues,
Your eyes wild jasmines
Fragrant at nights,
Like that sunflower
Gazing the afternoon sun.

Let the peacocks vauntingly dance,
let the nightingales melodiously sing,
let the flora and fauna flourish,
like spring in prosperity,
in felicitation,


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