“Keeping Orkney Safe and Beautiful for Everyone”

Keeping Orkney Safe for all was the message at CommuniTea Orkney, a public event where the charity CrimeStoppers and the youth organisation Fearless explained what their role was in reporting crime.

CrimeStoppers acknowledge that the reporting of crime in Orkney is really low but as an independent charity they 100% guarantee that any communication with them is completely anonymous.

Information they received has contributed to 13 murders being solved in Scotland. People know that they can trust in their service and that the reception they have received in Orkney has been very enthusiastic.

Fearless is a completely web based organisation which is aimed at young people from 11 years and upwards. A young person contacting them is again assured of anonymity. It empowers young people and encourages them to speak up.

Crimestoppers and Fearless were also in Orkney to work with partner agencies and to build up awareness of what they do.

CommuniTea Crimestoppers

Mark Mackay Police Scotland’s Divisional Superintendent for the Highlands and Islands also addressed the meeting

Reporter: Fiona Grahame




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