Jo & Joanne at Tea by the Sea

By Bernie Bell

Jo and Joanne Ullapool B Bell

 Appearing with The Jo Philby Band, and now with Elaine Grieve, and with a few C.D.’s to her name, Jo Philby is best known in Orkney as a songstress.

Less well known, is her business partnership with Joanne Dixon, running a tea-room  and gift shop in Ullapool.

‘Tea by the Sea’ has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Inverness Business Awards, in the Best Gift Shop category.  I wrote of our surprise at finding Jo running a tearoom in Ullapool, in a previous item for The Orkney News, so if you’d like to find out a bit more about Tea by the Sea – have a look here………….

If you’ve already experienced the delights of Tea by the Sea, including that view, you could vote for Jo & Joanne, here………….

Voting closes on the 22nd of November – so there is time to go and see for yourself!

I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed – they really do deserve an award!

Ullapool - Tea By The Sea B Bell

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