Scotland’s Citizens Assembly Holds its Latest Session

The next meetings of Scotland’s Citizens Assembly are underway again this weekend. Totally overshadowed by the General Election and the often bitter messages coming from some politicians The Citizens Assembly is a positive way of engaging in debate.

The Citizens’ Assembly is being held at the Golden Jubilee in Clydebank  through to Sunday. The weekend 2 agenda has been published which sets out what will be covered across the weekend by members.

You can find out what happened in the first set of meeting here: Citizens Assembly  including  the weekend 1 report, a series of factsheets and an explanation of terms.

Some members have even written of their own experiences in blogs pages.

The Citizens Assembly will not be livestreaming their meetings as was hoped because of the General Election:

“This is because it is important that we do nothing that might lead to suggestions that we are drawing attention away from or otherwise intervening in the General Election, which could have the effect of undermining public confidence in the independence of the Assembly.”

Recordings will be made and evidence presented to the Assembly will be published on the meetings page of the website over the weekend.

Citizens Assembly  Co Conveners


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