Scotland’s Citizens Assembly: What kind of country are we seeking to build?

“Overall 96% agreed or strongly agreed that the first weekend had made you feel that you wanted to continue as an Assembly member.”

Whilst the General Election was on the second session of Scotland’s Citizens Assembly was held. They were unable to go live with the session due to the election but you can find out what was discussed now on their web page : Citizens Assembly Session 2

The Citizens Assembly was held from 29th of November to 1st of December in Glasgow.

“I feel privileged to be here – it’s more important than I thought and less daunting.”

What kind of country are we seeking to build?

On the first day the Assembly considered: The Press and Modern Media and having informed conversations.

Day two looked at the following questions: What makes for a good life and what makes for a good country?; How values shape the country we are and the country we want to be? and putting together statements for What kind of country are we seeking to build?

Day 3 reflected on the discussions and looked forward to the next session

After hearing evidence and discussing the topics,  22 statements were identified as best representing the common ground across the Assembly.

These 22 statements were those where 3 or more of the 14 tables identified the statement as a high priority for inclusion in the vision of the Assembly.

The kind of Scotland we are seeking to build will..

  1. be a sustainable society where we balance our environmental, economic and social impact for the good of the country and its citizens
  2. invest in and provide a thriving and fit-for-purpose health service
  3. provide a free, world-class education for all
  4. provide housing for everyone
  5. be a prosperous and financially secure country
  6. be free of poverty
  7. be socially responsible, taking care of the most vulnerable in society
  8. have a strong and stable public service for all
  9. be a safe country
  10. be accountable, transparent and professional by providing informed information to the people
  11. be democratic, fair, honest, transparent and inclusive
  12. have a greater and stronger state pension
  13. will improve on living standards and quality of life for everyone now and in the future
  14. build enough amenities at the same time as homes
  15. encourage and support all citizens to reach their full potential throughout their lives.
  16. have better incomes and a better living wage to reduce poverty
  17. will be more transport accessible to everyone over the full country
  18. have a government that will treat the population with fairness, compassion and transparency
  19. have an honest and accountable government
  20. have equal opportunities for all
  21. include the diversity of its citizens in making policy
  22. provide a tolerant, safe, secure and stable environment for all people to grow

“Eye-opening! It was eye-opening to be working with other people and realising that people are so different and have such different attitudes. There was a really good feeling amongst the group.”

There is lots of information on the website including the research papers and statements from assembly members.

The next session of the Citizens Assembly will be held from 17 January — 19 January 2020


Reporter: Fiona Grahame

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  1. Looks very encouraging I especially liked comment (14), no more Castlemilk’s or Easterhouses where huge Estates were built without even a Pub, Shop or Church. Their work to date is to be commended.

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