170 Baby Boxes Delivered in Orkney in 2019

Scotland’s Baby Box scheme has proved to be a huge success with 96% of prospective parents getting one for their baby. Even better is that there is 100% satisfaction rating for the boxes which provide a wide range of products for the baby and parents.

New look Baby Box ready for Mother's Day

The Baby Box design 2019, created by a team of children and young people.The new design features iconic landmarks such as Ben Nevis, Glenfinnan Viaduct and Edinburgh Castle. 

In addition to the products,  the safety mattress included fits the box which can be used as a safe sleeping place for the early weeks.

45,000 Baby Boxes were delivered in Scotland with 170 of them going to Orkney.

Maree Todd with babyMaree Todd, Children’s Minister in the Scottish Government  said:

“I would like to thank everyone involved – from organisations providing items, to box packers, to the health workers delivering the boxes – for making sure every child gets the best start in life.

“We now have 96% of expectant parents requesting a Baby Box, a big rise on the 85% when they were first launched in 2017.

“In total we have now delivered more than 115,000 boxes to families across Scotland which is a huge vote of confidence.

“The Baby Box provides essential products for families and babies and can bring much-needed comfort to those who might not have family or friends around to shower their little one with gifts when they arrive, especially over Christmas and New Year.”

Parents apply for the Baby Box through their midwife and everyone can do so. It is a gift to the newborn.

The lid of the box is redesigned each year and can be coloured in. It really is a lovely gift for any child. The scheme originated in Finland and has since been adopted by health authorities in other countries, some of which means test it.  There is also one parents can buy. In Scotland, like Finland, the commitment was made to provide it to all parents regardless of income.

It was not welcomed by all MSPs in the Scottish Parliament with both Labour and Conservative politicians raising fears that the boxes were not safe – despite the fact that the Baby Box has a safety accreditation certificate. Then there was the ludicrous film of one being set alight – as if parents would be putting their baby in danger by placing it inside the box in front of a roaring unguarded fire.

It was bizarre to see such anger directed towards a scheme where important advice and useful products were given to parents in welcoming  every newborn child in Scotland. There were even claims that it was unpopular which clearly the 96% uptake rate would say otherwise.

Orkney was one of the places in Scotland which first piloted the scheme before it was introduced to the whole of the nation. It was that important feedback from parents using the box that continues to develop and improve the Baby Box.

Number of boxes delivered January 1 2019 – December 15 2019

  • NHS Ayrshire and Arran – 2847
  • NHS Borders – 828
  • NHS Dumfries and Galloway – 1075
  • NHS Fife – 2938
  • NHS Forth Valley – 2391
  • NHS Grampian – 5016
  • NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde – 11258
  • NHS Highland – 2243
  • NHS Lanarkshire – 5234
  • NHS Lothian – 7845
  • NHS Orkney – 170
  • NHS Shetland – 204
  • NHS Tayside – 3335
  • NHS Western Isles – 174
  • Total – 45558

New look Baby Box ready for Mother's Day

The Baby Box has its place in history now as an exhibit in the Museum of Childhood, Edinburgh.

Reporter: Fiona Grahame

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