The Wylie Risotto – A Hand-Written Recipe……..

By Bernie Bell

Some years ago, Mike and I went to visit his Dad, who made us a really excellent risotto. This risotto had been concocted by Mike’s Dad’s friend, a Mr Wylie. I liked this so much, that I asked Mike’s Dad for the recipe, and he was very pleased to dictate it to me, while I wrote it down. It’s now in one of our recipe ring-files ( not in a ‘folder’ on t’Internet!),  under the title of ‘The Wylie Risotto’.

As both of these people have now passed from this life, it’s a good reminder of them, and of a good friendship, and a good visit. Food memories don’t just connect with the actual food, they also – sometimes even more so – connect with the times and people we’ve enjoyed the food with.

The Wylie Risotto

The Wylie Risotto

You can add, or leave out, different kinds of veg, according to taste.  You can also stir in grated cheese, just before serving – makes for a more substantial meal.

The Wylie Risotto Bell

With thanks to Dream Angus, for giving me the idea ……..

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