The ‘Right to Die at Home’ to be debated today in the Scottish Parliament

Local MSP David Stewart, Labour will be leading his debate in the Scottish Parliament today, Wednesday, on the ‘Right to Die at Home.’

Scottish Parliament

His motion which has cross party debate states:

That the Parliament understands that 70% of the population in Scotland wish to die at home; notes that many Highlands and Islands-based GPs are trained in palliative care that can support those who wish to die at home; believes however that not all areas of the region have charities or carers who provide “hospital at home care”, especially overnight, and notes the calls for there to be an automatic right for people to have full care at home day or night for their last few days of life, so that then can have their wish fulfilled by being able to die at home with suitable palliative care.

Supported by: Patrick Harvie, Mark McDonald, Claudia Beamish, Neil Findlay, Rhoda Grant, Edward Mountain, Colin Smyth, Alasdair Allan, Bruce Crawford, Jamie Halcro Johnston, Beatrice Wishart

David Stewart, who is also Labour’s Shadow Public Health Minister, says parliament has previously been praised for ‘legacy policies’ such as free personal care, the smoking ban and minimum unit pricing on alcohol.

David Stewart MSPHe said:

“In my view a right to die at home policy could join the illustrious group of legacy policies that parliamentarians and constituents of the future could look back on with pride.

“Parents have the right currently to have their child born at home and the NHS provides midwives, but we don’t have the right to have carers to enable us to die at home. So, I see a real policy gap there.”

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