To Quote Father Jack – “Hol-i-days!!!”

By Bernie Bell

It’s the time of year when the telly is full of ads. for holidays, including Rob Brydon taking part in unlikely activities as part of a cruise trip, and tempting destinations bathed in sunshine.

I’ve noticed that Turkey is getting  a lot of attention, being presented as such a lovely, lovely place to visit. I’m sure there are plenty of interesting and delightful things to see and experience there, BUT – and it is a big BUT –

What the ads don’t mention, is Turkey’s record on human rights abuse.  Until 1991, the Kurds, an ethnic minority in Turkey, were not allowed to use their own language.  I say they are a minority, but they do constitute about 20% of the population, which is a lot of people.

The Kurds weren’t allowed to use their own language, and their culture was, and still is, ruthlessly suppressed by the Turkish authorities. It is still illegal to use the Kurdish language as a method of teaching  in schools.  This situation should strike a chord with the Scots, and the Irish, and the Welsh.

The all-out ban on Kurdish culture was lifted in 1991, but abuse and unfair treatment continues, and many international human rights organisations have condemned Turkey for its record of many, many human rights abuses against the Kurdish people.

To find out more about the suppression of the Kurdish people in Turkey you could start  here…

So, do you really want to go to Turkey for your holidays?  Sitting in your living room in the cold and wet of Britain in January, a holiday in the sun is understandably tempting, but at what cost to other human beings?  Do you really want a “cheap holiday in others people’s misery” – The Sex Pistols.

The Sex Pistols Holidays in the Sun B Bell

There are other sunny places to go – maybe somewhere warm and sunny, which needs its economy building up a bit, but which doesn’t have a government which persecutes people, including some of their own people.

That rules China out then.

In the milder months, you can’t beat Scotland for a holiday, as long as you remember to pack your midge repellent!

And finally, if you’re still thinking longingly of a holiday in Turkey, here’s something else the ads don’t mention – and something worth  thinking about………….

Or. if you feel that this doesn’t even bear thinking about, how can you consider using your ‘holiday dollar’ to support a country which would  consider establishing such a law?


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  1. Excellent Bernie, I would add Spain given their drift back to the days of Franco. I would also add, look very carefully at what type of aircraft you would be traveling aboard, even if the EU gives the Boeing 737 – MAX an airworthiness certificate a team of wild horses wouldn’t get me to fly on one. Maybe if it has been flying accident-free for 3/4 years I’ll reconsider!!!

  2. And what about Turkey’s involvement in the Syrian Civil War? I’ve also added Spain to my list Charles and the USA until that lunatic Trump is no longer president.

    • Beccy, I added the USA the day the Chump took-up office even though I’ve always had less hassle at US entry with my Irish Passport!!! Special Relationship is a load of ‘gob-shite’.

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