Scotland’s Young Carer Grant to be Extended to Asylum Seekers

Scotland’s Young Carer Grant is to be  extended to include Asylum Seeker young people.

Last year the Best Start Grant was extended to young asylum seekers. The Best Start Grant is available to ‘Those aged under-18 ; and will ‘ not jeopardise their immigration status’. It provides £600 for the first child and £300 for each subsequent child.’

Click on this link : Best Start Grant

Immigration is a power reserved to the UK Government and the Scottish Government have been in lengthy negotiations to establish these payments for young asylum seekers. Whilst going through the immigration process asylum seekers are unable to access the welfare benefits that Scottish and UK citizens are entitled to.

The Young Carer Grant will also be extended to young asylum seekers. It is worth £300.

To be able to get Young Carer Grant, you must:

  • be 16, 17 or 18 years old
  • have been caring for 1, 2 or 3 people for an average of 16 hours a week for at least the last 3 months

Click on this link: Young Carer Grant

Shirley-Anne SomervilleSocial Security Secretary in the Scottish Government,  Shirley-Anne Somerville said:

“Young Carers make an invaluable contribution to Scotland however many don’t get the same opportunities as their peers as they have more responsibility and less free time. That is why the Scottish Government are using our social security powers to help improve the quality of life for young carers through this grant, the first of its type in the UK.

“We have also been pressing the UK Government to agree to young carers who are subject to immigration control receiving the grant. I am delighted that the UK Government has agreed to our request and from Spring this year, young carers will be able to access Young Carer Grant without fear of it risking their immigration status.

“This important grant supports young people in what could be a pivotal stage in their lives – when they may be finishing school, looking for employment or starting further education or training.

“By extending the eligibility to those who may be subject to immigration controls we will ensure that they are also treated with the dignity, fairness and respect they deserve.”

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